What is it like to live at Greystone Estate?

It is a question that the owners are frequently asked, and their answer is always the same: It is whatever you want it to be. That might sound trite to some, but there’s a truth to it as well. Everyone who is fortunate enough to visit Greystone experiences it differently. For some, it’s the pure grandeur of the estate that captures their hearts. For others, it’s the legacy and the storied history of the estate. And for others still, it is the supreme sense of privacy and security that comes with owning 55 acres of pristine land hidden from view behind a gated entrance. How someone experiences the estate is an intensely personal experience. And yet some experiences are as constant as the mountains… It starts with a sense of wellness and peace. Just being surrounded by such natural beauty, the sights, sounds (and lack thereof), and smells start to slow things down, allowing ones’ mind to soften. There’s a connection that is omnipresent – a connection to the earth, and a connection to the people with whom you surround yourself. There’s a flow to Greystone – just like the river – change of seasons, change of perspectives, and change of attitudes. It is never the same place twice…

The current owners have employed every inch of Greystone Estate in their 30+ years of stewardship. How they answer the question “what’s it like…?” is like this: It is their family home, a place to entertain, to meet with business associates and to host charity events and special occasions. They run their own businesses from right here on site. It simplifies their lives and allows them to exhale. Of course, with all that Greystone has to offer, there are a litany of special moments as well – Family pool parties, picnics and fishing by the pond, late night bon-fires by the river, peaceful morning walks and quiet moments to read, reflect and renew. With its Evergreen location, it also serves as a launching point either east 30 miles to Denver, or west 60 miles to some of the world’s best skiing. It is simultaneously a million miles from everywhere and close enough to everything.

The real question is not “what’s it like…?” Rather, it’s what will it be like for you?

Opportunities like this only come along once in a generation.There will never be another estate quite like this one – and if you miss it, it will be gone.

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