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Built in 1940 and remodeled in 1992 and 1999, the Pool House services the pool area. It is a fully furnished self sufficient apartment with an additional kitchen and changing bathroom facing the pool. The pool service kitchen and bathroom have locked entries into the apartment. The apartment features a master bedroom with laundry, living room and kitchen. A composite deck offers private views to the south. The covered patio is a great place for outdoor luncheons and gatherings around the pool. The pool is the place to be for summer fun.

  • 01. 922 sq. ft. of living space
    1 primary bedroom
    Two ¾ bathrooms
    Living room
  • 02. Exterior sound system
    Satellite Direct TV
    Natural gas/hot water baseboard heat
    New composite deck with wrought iron railing
  • 03. Covered patio
    Exterior sound system
    Built in, stone hot tub with waterfall and stream features
    Heated swimming pool (21 ft. by 52 ft.)

Opportunities like this only come along once in a generation.There will never be another estate quite like this one – and if you miss it, it will be gone.

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