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The seven structures that make up the Greystone Estate are awe inspiring to be sure.  And yet, the very thing that makes Greystone Estate a truly special place is the land on which it sits.  55 acres of some of the most pristine natural forest in Colorado.  This land is what provides the privacy and security of a true estate, the peace and tranquility of a mountain getaway, and the abundance of opportunities to reconnect with your friends, family and loved ones in the most special and meaningful ways.  It’s a place to step back, to renew your spirit and recalibrate your senses.  It takes all of it – the miles of trails, the smells of the forest, the whispers of the creek and the quietness that comes from just being. 

Greystone Manor and Estate presents an exquisite haven for discerning guests, in Evergreen, Colorado. Located just 30 miles west of downtown Denver and a short 50-minute drive from Denver International Airport, it offers effortless accessibility. This prestigious estate is ideally positioned to reach Colorado's premier ski resorts within an hour, adding to its appeal.

Opportunities like this only come along once in a generation.There will never be another estate quite like this one – and if you miss it, it will be gone.

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